cheesy jackets

PA252805I’m in England. And since 6 weeks ago when I stepped on the foggy kindom, I haven’t bought me a pair of chopsticks. exactly i couldn’t find them here, how hard it is to eat rice and asian dishes without chopsticks T_T. That’s why I find myself make a lot of non-asian dishes and seriously most of them I dont know where they from as I just picked them up from my cooking book.

This recipe is from my cooking book *101 cheap eats* too with some alteration I did make. Hop these jacket are warm enough for these gloomy England days.

You need

baking potatoes – 1/person

butter – 40mg/potato

cheddar cheese or you can use morazella – 30-50 per potato

dry basil or I used the mixture of basil, chili, cheese and other herbs *bought in Rome, love it*

Topping: tomatoes cubed, cheese, tuna, stirred minces beef or any meat you like

You’ll have a nice jactket by:

– wash the potatoes, dry them and bake at 200*C, central rack for 1-1.5 hrs till the flesh is soft

– half your baked potatoes and use a spoon to scoop all the flesh out to a bowl, as much as you can but careful so you don’t ruin the skin.

– mix butter and cheese with the potato flesh, seasoning as you want. After that fil them back to the skin.

– top with tuna, meat, tomato, then cheese and basil

– bake for another 10 minutes

I served them with salad.

I simply love this meal as it’s simple and delicious and I don’t have to stay in my kitchen all the time 😀


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