A renewed introduction

England, 31 August 2018

A New Introduction

Maasai Mara at Breaking Dawn

I decide to re-start my blog today. I have been toying the idea of  writing more regularly. My friend suggested me to write a book, while I saw myself more of a reader than a writer. And yet today, after almost 3 months into my indefinite career break and after some life contemplating, I want to give it a go. Start small and see what’ll come along the way.

3 months ago, I embarked on a journey that is of questionable nature to many of my friends and family. I resigned from my desirable position at works (in other’s opinions) after 10 long months in New York City. A year before, I scored my relocation from Singapore to New York at many of my colleagues and friends’ envies. After 10 short years in Singapore, I had thought I would make the dubbed best city in the world a home for at least 2-3 years. 6 months in, I knew it wasn’t right. Simply, there was minimum excitement in life and I did not feel the raw energy of carrying a mission that I used to feel every single day. Circumstances and events took tolls on me and in the midst of May 2018, I put my notice on. After my last working day on 8 June 2018, I packed bag and flew to London, starting a 3 months resting and exploring.

Living on a narrow boat in the countryside of Essex for half of this summer, I learnt by fact that I didn’t need much in possession to live and I was surprisingly handy (I’m talking about real manly stuff like fixer upper, carpentry, tapestry and plumbing works!). Visiting to the richest countries and cities in the world, I learnt wealth was not just on the face.  Traveling to Balkan areas, I learnt the astounding history of some of the youngest nations in the world, whose history turned page after the fall of the Soviet Union and was not particularly widely covered by Vietnamese media then. And at last wandering around Nairobi and emerging myself into the wild of Maasai Mara, I learnt some people didn’t have much to live on and well, lions are just big gentle cats.

I have been walking a lot (I’m not runner), painting everyday, reading voraciously, reconnecting with old friends, making new friends and having quality time to think about what’s next. Perhaps I am on the right track, to re-appropriate myself, to embrace the living light and to feel that raw energy again.

This blog is dedicated to the anecdotes, encounters and recorded stories of my traveling, my life contemplating moments and maybe some realizations.

I hope you find similarity and differences, agreement and debates, entertaining and mundane information and maybe in some parts, we can discuss and grow.

I hope you feel the urge to explore.

I hope you feel the urge to hug your love ones a little longer when you can.

I hope the you feel the urge to be yourself.



One thought on “A renewed introduction

  1. Really enjoy your blog sis.. 😍 I’m so admired how u dare to take a break from a dream job, to a minimal life and to travel to foreign countries.. I wish I would have yr courage cause I now also feel stuck in life..
    In the mean time, I’ll looking forward to reading your blog stories ..
    Wish u all the best!


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