About Me

Hello there,

My name is Kate, coming from the charming city of Hanoi, Vietnam. Apparently I have the “astoundingly good English” and a face of many races (my most favorite is Venezuela!). I have been living abroad (namely Singapore, England and New York City) for 11 years and recently with much consideration and encouragement, I left the city of New York and moved home.

For as long as  I can remember, I seek to balance many parts of myself – my impulsive traveller life, my calm and cool yogi life as well as my structured disciplined project manager life. Someone says you can’t be happy if you ignore some part of you.

I also took on a little bit of randomness with painting during my doing-nothing summer in England last year.

This blog is dedicated to the encounters and recorded stories of my traveling, my life as a yogi and yoga teacher and other silliness.

I hope you find similarity and differences, agreement and debates, entertaining and mundane information and maybe in some parts, we can discuss and grow.

I hope you feel the urge to explore.

I hope you feel the urge to hug your love ones a little longer when you can.

I hope the you feel the urge to be yourself.



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