Where I go, I tell a tale…

Years ago, an ex pilot friend of mine cried at awe “My god, I have never known anyone that has such many day leave as Kate does. She is always on holidays!”. Back then, I would leave the city of Singapore once every 2-3 weeks. I did it so well with my 20 day leave a year that I never used them all.

For 6 years working in Singapore, only once that I spent 4 weekends in a row there.

For my short year in the US, I spend 2 months outside the country.

For the last 8 years, I flew over 40 flights a year, mostly on leisure. I have lived in Asia, Europe, the America and travelled across 41 countries of 5 continents. Call me crazy.

Horoscope fans see me as a die hard Sagittarius.

Chinese horoscope fans see me as the mysterious Dragon lady.

I see myself simply a curious human being.